C.CON – Customized Consulting

Strengthen potential, eliminate weak points and ensure success.

Successful implementation through our proven PPP-concept

  • Process development > Definition of suitable welding processes and welding parameters

  • Process evaluation > Exploring the potential and opportunities for improvement

  • Process optimization > Increased productivity and lower rework costs

Productivity increase through processing time optimization
– Production-oriented construction
– Automate welding processes
– Reduction in rework
– Reduction of rejects
– Quality improvement through employee qualification
– Resource-saving work by reducing of:

> Welding consumables
> Avoid rework
> Gas selection
> Time optimization (welding time, idle time and set-up time)

We also support…
… when there is a threat of penalties or discounts
… crisis management
… reengineering for projects that are in arrears

Ensure success